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4 Reasons to Schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection

You’ve put it off so many times that you now exceed the number of fingers on your hands.  That’s right.  It’s your home maintenance.  We’ve listed the four most important reasons your home needs some one-on-one attention!


You might need a home inspector if…..

1. Your Home Is Older Than One Year

“You’re kidding me?” you ask.  It may seem overkill, especially if your home is brand new with a snazzy home-warranty included for fun.  However, scheduling a home inspector to provide an annual tailor-made home maintenance checklist is an important way to get ahead of your home’s desire to “settle-in.”

2. Your Home Has “Been Around the Block”

Perhaps your home slipped through the busyness of life and needs some attention to its foundation, electrical systems, roof, etc., but you’re not sure where to start.  This is a great time to hire a home inspector to give a thorough review and list of recommendations to address any blind-spots you may have missed.

3. You’re Selling Your Home and Moving to Belize!

Well, maybe not Belize, but you are giving thought to a relocation.  One of the best things a home-owner can do to prioritize projects and increase your home’s value is to schedule a pre-listing home inspection.  Your real estate agent will thank you for it!

4. You’re Buying a Home

This is an easy one, but one that many forget, or choose not to proceed with.  Most people wouldn’t consider buying a used car without some type of auto inspection.  With homes being one of the most expensive things a family can buy, you’ll want to know as much about your future home as possible.  A home inspector can put all those ‘back of the mind’ concerns to the forefront in an easy-to-understand home inspection report.  Bonus points for including an annual home maintenance checkoff list if this purchase is potentially “in-the-bag!”

Whatever your inspection needs may be, Shine On Home Inspection is here to provide quality inspections at an affordable price.


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