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At Shine On Home Inspection, it's our priority is to ensure quality floor-to-ceiling inspection at an affordable price, and in a timeframe you can count on.

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Meet Charles Boren

Owner & Founder

Charles was born and raised in Spokane, WA with many generations of family that call the Pacific Northwest home. The support of a large network of friends and professionals would be the catalyst and encouragement needed to start his venture - Shine On Home Inspection.

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"We utilized Shine On Home Inspection prior to making an offer on a home. It was Chuck’s detailed and honest reporting that helped us change course and look for a better option. Without this, we may have stepped in to a home with costly hidden issues beyond our finances and abilities to fix."

- Tess Carlson

"Out of all of the local home inspectors, Chuck Boren at Shine On Home Inspection, is one of the best. Chuck is thorough, kind, and trustworthy; all the qualities you'd want from a home inspector."

- Holden Henry

"Shine On Home Inspection is very thorough and very educational during the home inspection process. Their inspections are easy to navigate & have lots of photos to help explain any issues. All my buyers are very satisfied with their company. Highly recommend."

- Toby Sullard

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